Hudson’s Trip to the White House

May 11, 2023

When I got invited to the White House, I was super excited. The thrill of walking up the steps was amazing. Inside, there were portraits and pictures everywhere. We sat down in our seats, and I was really excited. For most of the time before the speeches, I was thinking about how amazing it was to be here. When President Biden showed up, I thought I was having a dream or something. I didn’t actually realize that the real President was standing 10 feet away from me. When the President addressed a message to the AYR group, I was really surprised. I knew it was a really special moment. During the screening, my thoughts went back to the President’s speech a lot. I knew what a big deal it was. When we were leaving, I was sad, but knew I had to leave. Even leaving, I was in awe that that really was the White House. I knew I was more ordinary than most of the people there, and that not a lot of people got to stay there for even that long.



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