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Happy Pride Month!! As we close out Aapi heritage month there is so much to celebrate including the LGBTQ community and especially queer youth! #lgbt #aapiyouthrising #pridemonth
Mei (AYR Michigan chapter leader) and I (Mimi Tuden, Oakland) were honored to be invited to speak on the fireside chat/panel discussion at Gainsight’s weekly meeting for AAPI heritage month! We spoke online to around 200 employees from around the world. We spoke on our personal experiences with being an AAPI youth as well as the work AYR has been doing recently. I specifically talked about my experience of being an Asian adoptee and how being from another country influences my approach on things. While Mei talked about her experiences growing up as a AAPI women in Michigan and the struggles that comes with living in a predominantly white area. It was amazing being able to share our stories and give advice on how to start speaking up and advocating and making the workplace a more inclusive place.

-Mimi Tuden (Oakland AYR Chapter Leader)
Join us and @HealthierGen to celebrate Asian American, Native Hawaiian,
& Pacific Islander Heritage Month! Explore Healthier Generation's collection of family
and school resources to celebrate health in every generation:

Thank you for including our ONE DAY OF AAPI HISTORY lesson as a resources to the school districts you reach! Anyone can check out the resources!


#AANHPIHeritageMonth #KohlsHealthyAtHome #AANHPIHM #StopAAPIHate #VisibileTogether #AAPIYouthRising
AYR is proud to partner with the California Civil Rights Commission and providing feedback on just how we can make this resource better for kids from our community and beyond. Did you know that you’re never too young to stand up to hate? Are you bullied in school? Do you need someone to talk to? Kids can call too It’s anonymous and there are tons of resources to support! All kids deserve to feel safe in their homes, communities and schools. And the first step to feeling safe is asking for help.

Free support is available to victims and witnesses who report hate. CA vs Hate is not affiliated with law enforcement and your report can be made anonymously, regardless of immigration status. Your voice matters in the fight to reduce hate. Join us in our mission of making California a more safe and inclusive place for all. Report at

Congrats to Mia Fung, Maile Koidin and Ethan Su for presenting to Presidio Knolls School! Shout out to all the AYR Chapter Leaders who are joining in this effort.
Just THREE days away from Act to Change’s 5th National AAPI Day Against Bullying + Hate Gala!

We’re so excited to reunite with everyone from Act to Change for an evening of unity, solidarity, healing and celebration of AAPI youth. Join us on May 18th either at the gala or find ways to support virtually.
Did you know that AANHPI youth are the least likely racial group to seek out mental health help?

It’s ok to not feel ok. Check out the resources if you or a friend needs help. We are stronger together. 

- NAAPIMHA list of AAPI Therapists, @naapimha 
- Act to Change Day against Bulling - May 18, 2023, @acttochange 
- CA vs. Hate #cavshate 
- @calm 
- Brown Girl Therapy @browngirltherapy 

It is without question that the COVID-19 pandemic negatively affected the mental health of AA and NHPIs. According to federal statistics, in 2019, approximately 10% of AA and NHPIs reported mental health issues. That number rose sharply to 40% during the pandemic. Yet, Asian Americans are 60% less likely and Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders are three times less likely to receive mental health services than their white peers.
This #FreeThePill Day we’re making it clear: Over-the-counter birth control pills are critical for advancing health equity and reproductive justice across the country. 

Birth control pills have been around for 6️⃣0️⃣+ years. But barriers to access still exist–barriers rooted in systemic racism and other forms of discrimination + oppression. No more 🙅🏽barriers–everyone should have access to the care they need. #FreeThePill

Free the Pill Day is celebrated annually on May 9 to recognize the anniversary of the day the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first birth control pill in 1960. This year, it also marks the start of the FDA’s two-day advisory committee meeting to review the first-ever application for an over-the-counter (OTC) birth control pill! On our 5th annual Free the Pill Day celebration, we’re truly closer than ever to birth control pills being available without a prescription as FDA advisors consider a progestin-only birth control pill (POP) for over-the-counter status.
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