About Us

AAPI Youth Rising is an organization composed primarily of middle-schoolers that takes small actions to make positive change in our communities. In March 2021, AYR organized a 1,200+ person rally to show solidarity against AAPI Hate and bring awareness to violence and racism against Asians in America. Since then, AYR has registered voters throughout the Bay Area, was awarded a Proclamation from the City of Berkeley, and launched the ONE/180 Campaign pushing for Asian American history to be taught on at least one day during the school year.

In the coming months, AYR will be focused on organizing for the passage of AB101, a bill that would mandate the teaching of ethnic studies in public high schools throughout California. AYR is also planning art activist events throughout the Bay Area. Stay tuned for more!

From AAPI Youth Rising:

My name is Mina and I am rising 8th grader in the East Bay.  I spoke about the rising xenophobia against the AAPI community due to COVID-19 at my school assembly at the beginning of the pandemic at a time when no one was talking about this issue.  After a year of increasing anti-Asian sentiment and violence towards my community members, I decided to take more action. Originally I had a little idea to hang a sign over the I-80, one of the busiest intersections in CA.

Anna joined this little idea and it evolved into the AAPI Youth Rising Rally. Friends Bee, Cam-Ly, Charlee, Juno, Mila, and Siwoo joined to make this idea a reality. At the rally, middle-schoolers Ashlyn, Bee, Charlee, Juno, Mila, Shubh, Siwoo, Stella, Timothy and even a first-grader spoke up.

On March 28, 2021 over 1,200 community members including many youth and families came together in solidarity with the AAPI community where many brave youth raised their voices. We then marched to the SF Bay Pedestrian Footbridge and hung our signs on the overpass while we heard motorists honk in support. It was an inspirational day for all of us.

Now we are organizing to take many more small actions to make a difference.

TIME for Kids wrote about the AAPI Youth Rising Rally here. You can see a video of the AAPI Youth Rising Rally on our Instagram.

Berkeley Proclamation in honor of AAPI Youth Rising

In May, 2021, the City of Berkeley awarded AAPI Youth Rising with a Proclamation acknowleding our work to better our community through youth action. Thanks to Councilmember Robinson and Councilmember Kesarwani for supporting our communities and for nominating us. Thanks to the entire City Council for this honor!

Shout out to AYR honorees: Anna Hill, Bee Norton Tsang, Mila Cavagnaro, Juno Yu, Siwoo Rhie, Charlee Trenkle, Cam-Ly Nguyen, Timothy Hamp, Shubh Doshi, Surina Pugh, Stella Chua, Aashiana Gupta, Cooper Hong and Mina Fedor.