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What action will you take?

Advocacy is taking action in support of a cause. Ready to take action? Here you can find simple ways to engage with a few issues that are important for all of us at AAPI Youth Rising. Do you have actions you’d like to highlight? Contact us!

AAPI Youth Rising believes in…

  • Fighting for inclusive education
  • Promoting safer and healthier communities
  • Coalition building
  • Raising our youth voices
  • Civic engagement

Support over the counter birth control

The FDA is seeking to approve the first-ever over-the-counter birth control pill in the United States. It’s important for women to be able to decide when to become pregnant. Over-the-counter (OTC) birth control is already available in more than 100 countries, including Mexico, but a prescription is still necessary in the United States. That’s a problem because it’s more difficult for certain communities to get access to birth control like young people, people of color, immigrants, LGBTQ+ folks, those working to make ends meet, people in rural communities, and people with disabilities. It’s time for that to change. The American Medical Association and other major medical organizations in the United States support making birth control available without a prescription.

The FDA approval process in support of the first OTC birth control pill is in motion right now, this is a critical time for youth to take action. Here are some ways to engage: educate yourself about the process, write to your state’s Attorney General, Sign Free the Pill’s Statement of Support, celebrate World Contraception Day (September 26), submit an op-ed for our blog by contacting, and stay tuned for other ways to get involved!

DIGNITY.US is a citizens’ initiative to address the rise in hate-fueled violence in America. We all deserve safer communities. You can share your ideas, testimonials, and suggestions at Once this information gathering is complete, will turn these findings into a country-wide response. You can share your story here and make a difference every day by choosing hope!

The HEAL Act

All people living in the U.S. should have a right to affordable health care. Unfortunately, immigrants face barriers when it comes to seeking care and they are often forced to pay for care.

The HEAL for Immigrant Families Act would remove some barriers to health care coverage for immigrant communities by removing a five-year waiting period for immigrants to be eligible for Medicaid and CHIP coverage, extending the same coverage to DACA recipients, and extending savings and tax credits to undocumented immigrants.

The HEAL Act was last introduced in the 117th Congress (2021-2023). In January 2023, a new Congress will be sworn in. The HEAL Act will be reintroduced later this year. Write your representatives in support.

One Day of AAPI History Lesson

The ONE DAY OF AAPI HISTORY LESSON is a one-hour introductory lesson about the history of Asians in America. We volunteer to teach our lesson to classrooms across America. Read about our lesson at Teach for America.

Our lesson launched in May 2022 and we have already taught hundreds of students. We launched in Massachusetts, Los Angeles, Berkeley, Mountain View. For Fall of 2022, we are adding new states: Illinois, Florida, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Virginia, and New York. You can sign up to have AYR join your classroom or organization here.

ONE/180 Pledge

The ONE/180 pledge asks our schools and teachers to teach at least one day of Asian American history and culture during the school year. Out of the 180 instructional days that we receive, we’re asking for at least one day. Sign the pledge here!

Join AAPI Youth Rising!

Chapter Leaders pledge to bring our ONE DAY OF AAPI HISTORY Lesson to a classroom or organization. Ambassadors pledge to take part in one small action during the school year. Small actions add up to make a difference. Email us at or find more information here!

Legislative Advocacy

Contact your Representative or Congressperson:

  • Email your Representative about an issue important to you! Did you know that your member of Congress will write you back? Find your district’s Representative here
  • Contact your U.S. Senator. See options for contacting Senators here
  • Visit your Congressperson. Members of Congress have offices both on Capitol Hill and in their home state or district. Contact your member’s staff to schedule a visit
  • Sign up for your elected officials’ newsletters
  • Check out for information on legislative action


Education is significant in the fight against racism, and learning about diverse histories is essential. Here are a few resources you can check out to learn more about Asian American history. 

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