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One/180 Pledge for AAPI History + Culture – Sign the Pledge!


Asian American History is American History. Yet only a few Asian American Pacific Islander stories are taught in K-12 U.S. schools. With increasing awareness of the invisibility of AAPI histories, it’s more important now than ever to make our voices heard and sign the One/180 Pledge for AAPI History and Culture in our schools.

Why One/180? Out of the standard 180 instructional days in the average student’s school year, we are asking that at least one of those days be dedicated to AAPI History + Culture.

Policy makers are rethinking core U.S. History curricula and we applaud these efforts. We support these efforts and in the meantime, our pledge serves as a symbolic action in support of the movement to re-imagine the way American history is taught. Our pledge serves to inspire youth to ask for at least “one class.” Our pledge serves to inspire “one teacher” to teach at least “one class.” These “little” actions can one day mean a lot.

We believe it is important to teach the rich culture and histories of AAPI so that we can all learn how AAPI have contributed to America’s diversity and successes. When AAPI history and culture are not taught, AAPI are silenced. The invisible minority myth is a misconception that hurts the AAPI community and you can help fight that misconception by teaching your students and sharing AAPI stories. AAPI history is also American history. We believe it is important to teach about AAPI struggles and perspectives to celebrate our voices and to inspire us to act for change.

Check out these resources here.

Comment from Elementary school teacher and inspiration behind AAPI Youth Rising’s ONE/180 Pledge – Southey Kulkarni:

“I love the significance of the One/180 pledge: it speaks to how real education is transmitted — person to person — and the total shift in perspective (180 degrees!) that can come from even one such brave action. We can’t wait for district mandates and curricular revisions to include Asian American voices in our classrooms. In most schools, ‘Asian culture’ is presented as folk tales and celebrations in the primary grades, and ‘history’ in two contexts — ancient or United States — in upper grades. That’s a start, but it leaves students with a pretty superficial impression of an endlessly diverse group of cultures if we stop there.


AYR is leading the Social Justice unit for the Empowered Voices Program. Anna, Mila, Mina and Siwoo will present to and lead a discussion about youth activism with 12 SoCal Boys & Girls Club chapters.

Boys & Girls Club Presentation
My name is Siwoo Rhie. I am going into 8th grade at Black Pine Circle School. I am of Korean descent. I joined AAPI youth rising to help raise awareness of racism towards the AAPI community. I believe that racism against AAPI is very normalized, and many others like me aspire to change that. 
My name is Anna Hill. I am going into 8th grade at Black Pine Circle School. I am of Taiwanese and European descent. People of AAPI heritage are underrepresented in education, and I want to help spread more diverse schooling. 
My name is Mila Cavagnaro. I’m going into 8th grade at Black Pine Circle School.


July 29-30, 2021

The Asia Society Future of Education Summit: Teaching for Global Understanding will take place over two days virtually on Thursday, July 29 – Friday, July 30 from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Pacific each day.

The Future Global Leaders panel is featuring young students and activists including AAPI Youth Rising’s Mina Fedor. Join us on Friday, July 30 from 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Pacific

The Experiences from the AAPI Youth Rising Rally panel with Cooper Hong, Shubh Doshi, Harita Kalvai and Maxwell Wong will take place on Friday, July 30 from 12:30 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. Pacific.

The Education Summit gives K-12 teachers tools and resources from knowledgeable experts, institutions and businesses about global competency and the future of education. Uniquely qualified speakers will lead sessions on preparing the next generation of global leaders, new technological advances in education, understanding and navigating U.S.-Asia topics, and advancing racial justice in classrooms. 

Registration is complimentary and open to the global community.  Attendees outside of the education community are welcome to attend the Summit. Register here.

My name is Cooper Hong. I was born and raised in Oakland.  In June 2021, I graduated from 8th grade at The Academy.  I am 14 years old and will be a freshman at Bishop O’dowd this coming fall. I am of European, Chinese, Native American, and Polynesian descent. I have always loved learning languages and programming technology.  This summer after getting vaccinated I started to row again which has been great.

I joined AAPI Youth Rising in light of the struggles the Asian community at large is facing in these trying times. As an Asian American, I feel a particular responsibility to stand up against the violent hate crimes directed towards our elders and women. By advocating and participating in protests and marches, I hope to be a part of the nationwide movement to educate others about our rich history, and show them that we belong in America just as much as anyone else.
My name is Surina Pugh. I am headed into 7th grade at Redwood Day School. I was born in Oakland. I am of Indian and European descent. History has always been a big interest for me. Especially the history of the places my family came from. I wanted to be part of this because I wanted to do something to create change. I hope to show people that we truly belong here and that Asian history is a big part of American history.

Asia Society Future Global Leaders Panel
Afghan Girls Robotics Team
, Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2021
Mina Fedor, Founder, AAPI Youth Rising
Rahul Yates, Founder and Executive Director, HumSub GlobalTEEN

Experiences from the AAPI Youth Rising Rally
Cooper Hong, Rising Freshman, Bishop O’Dowd High School
Shubh Doshi, Rising 8th Grader, Head-Royce
Maxwell Wong, Rising Freshman, Head-Royce
Harita Kalvai, Rising Junior, Marin School of Environmental Leadership and Teen Board Member, Beyond Differences
Moderator: Margaret Conley, Executive Director, Asia Society Northern California

HEAL for Immigrant Families Phone Banking with NAPAWF – July, 2021

AYR will be phone banking on behalf of NAPAWF in support of the HEAL Act. Every person should be able to get affordable health care no matter how long they have been in the U.S. or the status they have been granted. Stay tuned for more! We will be partnering with AAPI Youth Action to phone bank. Thanks NAPAWF for training us!

AAPI Historical Figures Art Project – Launched May, 2021

Check out the Live Together, United Against Racism campaign.

Voter Registration – ongoing

Past Events

AAPI Youth Rising Rally – March 28, 2021, 2pm-4pm

Anna on the Pedestrian Footbridge
  • Welcome speech by Mina
  • Speeches by:
    • #HATEISAVIRUS, Annie Wang
    • AYPAL, Stanley Pun
    • Act to Change, Elaine Dang
    • Akonadi Foundation, Lateefah Simon
    • Beyond Differences
    • Councilmember Kesarwani
    • Councilmember Robinson
    • Poetry Reading by Author Jane Bahk
    • Youth Circle and Open Mic

Actions Towards Change Rally – Speaker

March for our Elders Rally – Speakers Cam-Ly and Mina. Cooper marching alongside!

Check out AAPI Youth Rising’s Instagram to hear Cam-Ly’s speech where she shares her story as an adoptee. Our stories are diverse.

When YOUth Vote Amplify Asian Voices Virtual Event – Panelist

El Cerrito Human Relation Commission – Stop Anti-Asian Violence

Charlee shared our AYR stories and her allegory with the City of El Cerrito on Wednesday, May 12th from 6:30-8pm PST.

Asia Society – Speaker for Asian Americans Building America

Mina spoke with Asia Society’s CEO and Australia’s 26th Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on May 10, 2021 as part of a series called Asian Americans Building America.

Check out Mina’s interview here!

Act to Change – 3rd Annual National AAPI Day Against Bullying + Hate

AAPI Youth Rising supported the 3rd Annual National AAPI Day Against Bullying + Hate a as a Partner Group. Check out Act to Change’s Anti-Racism Toolkit.

Grantmakers for Thriving Youth – WEBINAR. AAPI Youth on Safety, Belonging and Thriving

Join GTY, YouthTruth, and Asian-American/Pacific Islander youth leaders including AYR for an important discussion of safety, belonging and thriving amid the fallout of the pandemic, economic upheaval, racial justice uprisings, and an increase in anti-Asian racialized violence.

Discussion will focus on concrete actions funders can take to support AAPI and other young people to thrive—based on what young people say they need.

Check out the Webinar recording from June 16, 2021 here!

AAPI Youth Actions for Change Rally in Pasadena, CA on June 26, 2021

AAPI Youth Rising was so honored to be invited to participate in AAPI Youth Actions for Change rally in Pasadena. AYR gives a huge shout out to AAPI Youth Actions for Change’s Sophia, Sofia and all the rest for keeping these conversations going! It was inspirational to hear from other youth, Rep. Judy Chu, Mayor Gordon and many others!

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