AAPI Youth Rising

AAPI Youth Rising

A Youth Organization Taking Small Actions to Make a Difference

About Us

Our Mission

AAPI Youth Rising is an organization started by middle-schoolers. Our mission is to take small actions to make positive change in our communities. In March 2021, AAPI Youth Rising organized a 1,200+ person rally to bring awareness to the increase in xenophobia against Asians in America. We continue to speak out to make a difference.

Join the Movement

Sign the ONE/180 Pledge

The ONE/180 pledge asks our schools and teachers to teach at least one day of Asian American history and culture during the school year. Out of the 180 instructional days that we receive, we’re asking for at least one day. Sign the pledge here!

Become a Youth Ambassador or Lead a Chapter

Ambassadors and Chapter Leaders spread the word about what we do! Your voice is important and you can make your voice heard. Email us at aapiyouthrising@gmail.com or find more information here!


The ONE DAY OF AAPI HISTORY LESSON is a one-hour introductory lesson about the history of Asians in America. We would love to visit your classroom or organization to share our lesson with you! Email us at aapiyouthrising@gmail.com to learn more.

Our Work

In March, 2021, we organized the AAPI Youth Rising Rally where we raised our voices alongside many brave youth. Then we launched the ONE/180 pledge in support of at least one day of Asian American history + culture to be taught during the school year. We also organized the Our Diverse Voices youth art showcase in support of learning about our diverse histories. For AAPI Heritage Month 2022 AYR is proud to launch the ONE DAY OF AAPI HISTORY lesson campaign! We are volunteering to teach a 1hr lesson about just a few of the untold stories of Asians in America. Email us to sign up for a free lesson! Stay tuned for more as we continue to speak out and advocate for change.

CCCSF and the Wells Fargo Foundation Mural Project