White House Lunar New Year Celebration

January 26, 2023 | Today, Mina (in spirit), Jaslene, Charlee, and me (Anna), had the honor of visiting the white house on behalf of AYR. We had the honor of hearing Elaine Tso, Dr. Biden, and the president all make speeches. The recent shootings have greatly impacted our community, making it even more important toContinue reading “White House Lunar New Year Celebration”

Breaking Stereotypes: “38 At The Garden”

“38 At The Garden” is a 2022 HBO documentary short that discusses the 2011-12 NBA season and its star, Jeremy Lin. Lin is an Asian American basketball player who formerly played for the National Basketball Association (NBA) and is now a player for the Chinese Basketball Association. The documentary includes testimonies from several Asian…

The Efflorescence of Immigration in the United States

The war in Ukraine has left governments scrambling to accept the incoming flood of refugees. Since the war started in February, 5 million Ukrainians have departed Ukraine, and about 15,000 Ukrainians have fled to the U.S. However, by allowing Ukrainian refugees to immigrate to the U.S. through the U.S.-Mexico border while forbidding Mexican immigrants…

The Sides to Affirmative Action and the Impact on Asian American Students

In the recent awakening of current news, the Supreme Court last week has reviewed two affirmative action cases that have placed Harvard University and the University of North Carolina at issue. Harvard University was accused of holding Asian American students to higher standards in the college admissions process, while the University of North Carolina…

AYR and Dignity.us

November 6, 2022 | AAPI Youth Rising joins DIGNITY.US in the wake of a rising tide of hate-fueled violence in America. Dignity.us is a citizens’ initiative to address the crisis together. You too can share your ideas, testimonials and suggestions with www.dignity.us right now. All kids deserve to have our voices heard so that we can work towards aContinue reading “AYR and Dignity.us”