Eloise’s Trip to the White House

May 10, 2023

Going to the White House was amazing. Even the president spoke! We also watched a film about an immigrant family called American Born Chinese. I was born in America, but my grandparents (from both sides) were born in South Korea. When they moved to America it was really hard for them. They had to learn a new language entirely, they didn’t have money, they had one kid, and they had no friends.

And here is my journal from the trip to the White House:

Monday, May, 8th

My favourite part of today was when we went to the White House, had the president, Joe Biden, talk about us, had a private tour of the Capital building, and getting canned boba (it was Thai tea, and the tea was good but not the boba part).

At the White House, there were lots and lots of musicians, pictures of presidents, and security people. To be honest: I thought the White House would be bigger and more fancy. I was happy to see that most people on the show that we were watching and around me were mostly Asian American and kind of looked like me.

In the Capitol building there were lots of colors on the walls, green, red, and a sort of peachisch color. We went on this train that not everyone goes on, and Hirono a Senator from Hawaii helped set it up. ( By the way there are 100 Senators, 2 from each state).

I didn’t like the bug that was bugging me, Hudson and, Lucian before going to the security checks, and to the White House.

I’m happy to join AAPI Youth Rising because they’re doing a really important thing for people. Asian hate is bad because everyone should be treated the same.

  • Eloise, age 8

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