People who choose to abort their baby are stripped of the right to vote for as long as their sentence and possible after

July 27, 2022

By Anna, Editor in Chief

So, with the arrival of a post-overturned-Roe society, people with the ability to carry children will no longer be given the opportunity to abort their fetus if they want or need to. is updated regularly with updates about state restrictions on abortion. Having an abortion in certain states is a felony now. is a map of voting rights for felons, as it varies from state to state. The problem with felons not being able to vote is that a large chunk of the population will not have a say in supporting politicians that support them and what they stand for or voting for or against certain propositions or measures that affect them. The whole point of a democracy is for the people to have a voice in elections and the running of their country. But now, conveniently, people who may lean left or democratic have less of a voice. Say Texas: Abortion is banned there. And felons may lose their ability to vote for a while after incarceration. The same is true for so many other states. If we don’t stand up for our rights and the rights of everybody else in our nation, soon the past will repeat itself and racism and prejudice will run amok. Around 12% of the voter-eligible population is black. 38.4% of black people in America are incarcerated. That’s a lot of people. (that percentage does include minors though). Imagine how many people will be convicted as felons for simply trying to access their right to healthcare. So much of the population won’t be able to vote, making our shared country more republican and conservative. The issue of abortions being banned is terrible enough, but making the people accessing abortions not a part of the fallacy the American government calls a democracy? Do we really want future generations stuck in a world with leaders and laws that don’t reflect their opinions or needs? No! Please, disregard any things about yourself that might discourage you from standing up for yourself and our future, do something to make the world we live in and the world that generations ahead of us will live in a place that reflects the needs and opinions of everyone. Our future is heading towards a much rockier place for minorities of all kinds.

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