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This is our op-ed corner where our members (and editor in chief Anna) write posts about their opinions, whether they are political or on current issues.

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Want to write your own op-ed post? Contact Anna and Jaslene at anna@aapiyouthrising.org and jaslene@aapiyouthrising.org. If you would like, you can request to keep your name anonymous in the posts. Please keep in mind that we do not accept writing that promotes hate against anyone or any group of people and personal subjects.

Latest Op-ed

The Sides to Affirmative Action and the Impact on Asian American Students

In the recent awakening of current news, the Supreme Court last week has reviewed two affirmative action cases that have placed Harvard University and the University of North Carolina at issue. Harvard University was accused of holding Asian American students to higher standards in the college admissions process, while the University of North Carolina…

Illegal: More Than A Musical

Angel Island, San Francisco Bay, 1910. A place where over hundreds of thousands of Chinese immigrants were detained in terrible living conditions, confined into tightly packed barracks where they awaited for weeks, or even months, to either be allowed into the United States or deported. A story based on these historical injustices is masterfully…

The Facts About Monkeypox

The CDC explicitly says that monkeypox can spread to anyone through close, personal, often skin-to- skin contact, including, direct contact with monkeypox rash, scabs, or body fluids from a person with monkeypox, touching objects, fabrics (clothing, bedding, or towels), and surfaces that have been used by someone with monkeypox, or contact with respiratory secretions…

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