Crystal – Our Diverse Youth Voices

Learning about diversity is important to me because of many reasons, such as that most U.S citizens immigrated here from other countries. The U.S’s history is just all about the diversity. Personally, I am Chinese, living here and having so much people who share the same heritage as me, really makes me feel more that I belong. Diversity also means a lot to my education, it is what I love to learn about. It is what I like about the U.S. It makes me well rounded by letting me know about more cultures and respect them.

Alyssa – Our Diverse Youth Voices

Diversity can mean multiple things, nonetheless it is an important topic in our society. When I see the word “diversity” I think about variety. I mainly think about variety, uniqueness, and heritage. Diversity can bring people together and those people can help educate each other. It can help people understand each other. Diversity can also help spread new ideas. Learning about it makes me think about everyone around me and how lucky I am to be in a diverse and cultured place. Therefore, diversity is important, it can help spread knowledge and togetherness.

Mina – Our Diverse Youth Voices

Learning diverse histories means that everyone’s stories are told, and represented. This would combat bias, and misinformation making for a more peaceful and educated society. I personally would love to see more AAPI representation in modern curriculum. I also wanted to raise awareness around the issues facing AAPI and learn my communities stories. I would also like my brother and also younger students to learn more about our histories too. My brother is in the center of my painting surrounded by leaders of color who I hope he will learn about. Overall, I want to learn more diverse histories because the stories taught need to represent our diverse America as a whole.