After the Bell Rings

By Kaleb Condez

“After the Bell Rings” addresses various problems that teenagers face, including hunger and abuse. In addition, this original poem reminds readers to always be kind, because you never know what someone might be going through.

It’s 3 o’clock, school is out

Middle school is difficult, without a doubt

Now back home with lots of work to do

Tests, quizzes, presentations, and projects: there’s always something new

But life is even harder for some teens

Many around the country come across obstacles, unseen

Those who struggle outside of school

Face sadness, depression, and feel that life can be cruel

After the bell rings, some teens struggle to find food

Rummaging through trash cans finding food scraps, mostly chewed

Tirelessly walking around the busy streets

While their parents try their best to make ends meet

After the bell rings, teens hide in pain and fright

In the dark shadows, sounds of silent cries at night

Innocent kids, attacked by their mother and father, hearts ripped

And yet their parents still grab the bottle to drink the last sip

And after the bell rings, to the hospital they race

Visiting their sick parents, hoping for a kind embrace

Teens worry as they see their dying parents in beds, weak and cold

And with little hope, their relatives’ hands, they hold

And after that loud bell rings, they try to stay strong

Through the darkest of times, they attempt to fit in and belong

So do not judge and always say kind things

Because you never know what goes on after the bell rings

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