New Asian American Voices and more from the 1990 Institute

June 1, 2023

Here are three projects the 1990 Institute, one of our partner organizations, they have been working on recently:

  1. New Asian American Voices – this is one of the 1990 IG channels that highlight AA stories and contributors. Today they uplift AAPI Youth Rising and the work we all do and posted: This is also a good resource for finding trailblazers in our community.
  2. They are launching their first comedy series called ChatAAPI tomorrow morning. It will be featured on the 1990 YouTube channel. Be the first ones to watch it and give a thumbs up and comment. Here are some BTS
  3. Finally, they will have their second Teachers Workshop on June 28th at 3pm. The U.S. China relationship is the most important one in our lifetimes. This workshop will explore the historical and current tensions between the U.S. and China and how they have shaped the complex relationship between the two countries, which impacts the entire global community. Their esteemed panel of experts will provide insights into the differing positions of both countries and how they can coexist moving forward.

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