Chapter Leader Emma Leading AAPI Empowerment

May 22, 2023

Here is a message from our Minnesota chapter leader Emma Yu, co-founder of the HOPE organization who recently taught our lesson:

Throughout my involvement in the AAPI State Council and as an active leader of AAPI Youth Rising, I have advocated for the recognition and celebration of AAPI heritage in my school during AAPI Heritage Month in May. This year, the theme is “Advancing Leaders Through Opportunity.” To achieve this goal, I have taken several significant steps.

First, I have conducted multiple AAPI History presentations in various classes. These presentations aim to educate fellow students about the rich history, culture, and contributions of the AAPI community. By sharing these important stories, I hope to increase awareness and promote a deeper understanding of the experiences and struggles faced by AAPI individuals.

Additionally, I felt the need for a dedicated space where AAPI students can come together, celebrate their cultural identities, and address the underrepresentation of AAPI voices. Consequently, I took the initiative to establish an AAPI Club at my school. This club serves as a supportive platform, empowering AAPI students to express themselves, share their experiences, and advocate for increased awareness and representation.

Motivated by my personal experiences as an Asian American and a strong desire to address the awareness of AAPI Heritage within the school district, I took the proactive step of scheduling an appointment with the superintendent to further discuss the importance of dedicating One Day of AAPI heritage in May throughout the entire district. I believe that by highlighting the significance of this event and its potential impact on fostering inclusivity and cultural understanding, we can garner support and facilitate its implementation.

As part of my advocacy efforts, I will present my proposal to the school board. By emphasizing the value of dedicating One Day to AAPI awareness, I hope to demonstrate the positive effects it can have on the educational environment, promoting diversity, and empowering AAPI students to become leaders within the community.

In addition to my other endeavors, I collaborated with the Multicultural Committee at my school to organize and coordinate the multicultural showcase for students to proudly present and share their diverse cultural heritage and history. We provided students with a unique opportunity to showcase their cultural identities through a variety of performances, from traditional dances to music, poetry, and storytelling, followed by a captivating fashion show featuring diverse traditional attire. It was an unforgettable experience that not only celebrated our differences but also highlighted the shared humanity that unites us all.

Through these actions, I aspire to contribute to the broader goal of promoting AAPI awareness and representation. Together, through my passion, dedication and willingness to advocate for AAPI heritage, we can create a more inclusive and equitable school environment for all.

Proud to be an Asian American!

– Emma Yu

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