AAPI Youth Rising’s ONE/180 Pledge

May 11, 2021

Students, Teachers, Parents, and Allies, please consider signing the ONE/180 Pledge if you support having at least one lesson of AAPI History + Culture taught in your schools in this coming year.

Why ONE/180? Out of the standard 180 instructional days in the average student’s school year, we are asking that at least ONE of those days in the next academic year include at least ONE lesson that is dedicated to AAPI History + Culture.

Asian American History is American History. Yet only a few Asian American Pacific Islander stories are taught in K-12 U.S. schools. With the increasing awareness of the invisibility of Asian American histories, it’s more important now than ever to teach the rich culture and histories of AAPI so that we can all learn how AAPI have contributed to America’s diversity and successes. It is time to celebrate all American stories.

The ONE/180 Pledge serves as a symbolic action in support of the movement to re-imagine the way American history is taught. The pledge serves to inspire youth to ask for at least “one class.” Our pledge serves to inspire “one teacher” to take “one action” and teach at least “one class.” These “little” actions can one day mean a lot.

From Elementary School Teacher Southey Kulkarni, the inspiration behind the pledge: “I love the significance of the ONE/180 pledge: it speaks to how real education is transmitted — person to person — and the total shift in perspective (180 degrees!) that can come from even one such brave action. As teachers, we can start with what we (think we) know. The best lesson plans start with conversations, and every classroom has the potential for a meaningful conversation about some basic questions. One day, one lesson, if it’s relevant and real, will inevitably lead to more.”


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