Ambassadors and Chapter Leaders

Chapter Leaders pledge to bring our ONE DAY OF AAPI HISTORY LESSON into their classrooms during the school year and coordinate time with their school or organization to do so. Ambassadors sign up to take at least one action during the school year – can be as simple as signing a pledge, signing up to volunteer for one of our speaking opportunities, showing up for an event.

Saanvi Mukkara

Chapter Leader Saanvi: “I’m a high schooler in Texas who loves debate, art, and meeting new people! I love Mexican and Thai food, and am a hardcore boba enthusiast. I think it’s very important for youth to be involved in advocacy and legislation, since younger generations often bear the brunt of bad decisions in the future, and therefore should be involved in decision making processes to prevent inequity.”

Independence High School, Texas, Class of 2024

Angely Xiong

Chapter Leader Angely: “I love traveling, badminton, reading, and video games! I’m passionate about public speaking and writing and I also enjoy gardening and volunteer work. I believe it’s extremely important for youth to speak up so our voices can be heard, especially during a time where it may seem like our voices are insignificant. I founded the Asian Pacific Islander Students Association at my school and would love to continue to get myself and my community more involved to create social impact as AAPI Youth Rising has done.”

Nicolet High School, Milwaukee WI, Class of 2024

Annie Huynh

New Ambassador Annie: “I’ve been keeping up with AAPI Youth Rising for a couple of months now and I love the dedication that goes into their work. I want to learn more about my community and how we can combat certain global issues. I also am trying to push myself this year to get out of my comfort zone.”

Impact Academy of the Arts and Technology, Hayward CA, Class of 2025

Ethan Su

Chapter Leader Ethan is interested in the AAPI youth community because he enjoys learning about people’s experiences, and understanding where they are coming from. Ethan is interested in applying game theory principles to real life scenarios for racial and social justice. During his free time, he likes to read about historical facts and quantum physics.

Mandarin-Immersion School, San Francisco CA, rising 8th grader

Soha Mahapatra

Welcome to New Chapter Leader Soha: “In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, reading, and listening to music. (My favorite song is Hotel California by the Eagles!) I also like to keep up with current events and world issues, as well as find opportunities to speak up. I think it’s important for youth to speak up because we are the future and we deserve a say in the world we’re living in. I love how AYR gives individuals like me who want a chance to speak up a platform to do so, as well as ways to collaborate with like minded individuals.”

Mount View Elementary School, Maryland, Class of 2026

Arpita Guha

New Chapter Leader Arpita Gupta is a youth activist who is motivated and passionate about helping the AAPI community. She shares that as a Bengali-Hindu she has seen firsthand what my community has gone through first hand and the hate crimes and she shared news articles about protests at her temple. Arpita serves on the Shelby Township youth advisory board and has held numerous leadership positions. She loves public speaking and is the President of her Model UN Club.

International Academy East, Michigan, Class of 2023

Kristie To

Kristie joins us from Irvine, CA! “In my free time, I enjoy playing percussion, volunteering, traveling, and spending time with family! I was immediately drawn to AAPI Youth Rising for the organization’s mission to make positive change in our communities by their various accomplishments such as establishing the ONE/180 pledge and organizing a Stop Asian Hate rally of over 1,200 people.”

Irvine, California, Class of 2024

Lin Wei

New Ambassador Lin Wei was drawn to AYR because we give young generation people a chance to speak out for the problems in the society, to bring awareness to different issues and to enlighten young people. Favorite Music: Japanese pop & Rock One Ok Rock is her favorite band! She also likes cats, like a lot of us here at AYR!

Oakland Technical High School, Oakland CA, Class of 2025


I like listening to music, reading, talking to his bird and hanging out with his family. I hopes that through AYR, multiple young voices will be able to spread diversity in the world and make it a better place.

Montessori School of El Cerrito, El Cerrito CA, Class of 2027

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