Regional Leads

Congrats to our 2022-2023 Regional Leads! You have been selected to join the AYR leadership team.

What is a Regional Lead? Regional Leads are in charge of organizing the Chapter Leaders and Youth Ambassadors in their region. Regional Leads are also in outreach to their respective regions for additional Chapter Leader and Ambassadors.

Lin Wei, Pacific

“My name is Lin Wei. A lot of my life time is dedicated to music. Listening to music, learning music theory and performing myself. And I’m chuni so I have huge interests in anime and animation. I am now at Oakland Technical highschool where I have joined multiple school projects, school clubs and teams. AAPI Youth Rising focuses on the topic of AAPI history and justice, I know that it will benefit all people to learn about AAPI histories and cultures. “

Oakland Technical High School, Oakland, CA, Class of 2025

Soha Mahapatra, Central

“My name is Soha Mahapatra, I am 14 years old, and I am running to represent the Eastern region. I’m from Ellicott City, Maryland and will be entering 9th grade at Marriott’s Ridge High School in the fall. My hobbies include dancing, reading, writing, and playing tennis. I am Indian and celebrate my culture in many ways, such as attending Indian Classical Dance classes, which have taught me many life lessons over the past few years. I’ve also taken an interest in school activities like debate, student government, and Model UN, which have allowed me to develop new skills and meet lots of different people. In addition to this, I am a member of various organizations, such as the Youth Climate Action Team and Through Teen Lenses news platform. Personally, the part of activism and advocacy I am most passionate about is promoting youth voices. We are an under represented group within activism, and legislation makers need to hear our positions on the issues that affect us so that real change can be made. What got me into advocacy was the fact that so many people were excluding me from conversations about issues that affected me. I realized in order to have my voice heard I had to start advocating for myself. This ensured issues that needed to be discussed had someone spreading awareness about them.”

Mount View Elementary School, MD, Class of 2026

Saanvi Mukkara, Eastern

“Hi! My name’s Saanvi and I’m a rising junior located in Texas. I love debate, baking, and re watching old movies with my friends. I’m passionate about advocacy as I believe it’s the best way to facilitate lasting change. Standing up for our rights and refusing to back down has historically helped create real change, and advocacy on even the smallest scale and go on to have a huge impact. I’m passionate about fighting gun violence, addressing racism, and advocating for feminist movements, largely because these issues have implications on youth like me, and I therefore advocate for myself and on behalf of other youth who suffer from them.”

Independence High School, Frisco, TX, Class of 2024

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